Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What is Mom-Enomics?

 Have you ever wished there were more hours in a day?

Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to keep house?

Have you ever stared at your grocery receipt dreaming of a way to lower the bill?

If you've answered "yes" to any of the above questions, I've got some exciting news for you!

Most homemakers and homeschooling mothers have more responsibilities than if they worked outside the home. When families decide to forgo a second full-time income to have mother stay home with the children, some sacrifices take place. Often, creativity is necessary, along with careful planning to stick to budgets and be able to survive on one income.  Such a decision requires a lot of faith.  God rewards this obedience when he leads families down this path!

Being a homemaker in the 21st century is more complicated than even thirty years ago when I was a child. Consumerism and materialism taint the line that divides wants from needs. It is my desire to remain a Proverbs 31 woman and be a godly wife and mother - A VALIANT MOM!

My intent with this blog is to share frugality tips from couponing, creative homeschooling, budgeting techniques, time management, and restoring the honor and glory to God in this special calling of being a homemaker and mother.

Savvy Stewardship in the woman's role as homemaker 
is a form of worship that is glorifying to God.

Mom-Enomics MEG is your one stop interactive internet meeting place for for practical steps to take in your home towards becoming a Savvy Steward and Healthy Homemaker:

Coupon Central – Workshop training in techniques to save money at the register on family groceries and more!  
Frugal Faire – Links you to the best deals, freebies, and DIY ideas available online and the local South Jersey area!
Barter Bank – Trading skills, services, and goods to meet your family’s needs without opening your wallet!
Community Coffers – Helping those in need with gift baskets, coupons for the military and more!
Workshop Training – Creative stewardship tips PLUS learn to collect and organize coupons to get the most bang for your buck!
Mom-Enomics Events – Mark your calendar for these growth opportunities as a Mom-Enomics MEG!
Healthy Homemakers – A natural and holistic approach to family wellness!
MEGS Kitchen – Recipes for kitchen efficiency and healthy living!
MEGS Calendar – Customizable, practical, daily journal planners for home use!

Hope you'll become a regular follower at Mom-Enomics and participate in the many exciting opportunities to help YOU be a Mom-Enomic MEG, too!